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Holiday Rentals

Since 2006, Luxury Places is committed to its clients who are looking to purchase or sell a luxury property in Switzerland and/or abroad.

Our track record of over 500 transactions brought us a very deep and comprehensive understanding of the real-estate market and how to integrate our client’s requirements in terms of accommodation. Therefore, it seemed natural to accompany our clients a step further, and offer a collection of luxury holiday rentals.

The properties are rigorously selected, with a bespoke conciergerie service and  a best rate guarantee, to ensures unforgettable vacations.


Our full property listings are located in iconic ski resorts, and other most sought after destinations. We are constantly studying new locations to ensure a wide range of possibilities.  If our listings do not satisfy your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will assist you in your search and find what you are looking for.