Sell ​​your property with the right strategy.

We believe that the value of a property is the foundation of any successful transaction.

We estimate market values ​​based on similar transactions from previous years. As a specialist in luxury properties in French-speaking Switzerland since 2006, Luxury Places is undoubtedly one of the few agencies on the market who can provide benchmarks based on real data.

Our market analysis is only used if it contains a significant number of similar transactions; it is not possible to make an estimate based on one or two similar transactions or simply using the prices shown on advertising portals. On the contrary, our studies often show a significant difference between the asking price and the price obtained.

In 2018, Luxury Places put in place several indicators which our teams can use to observe price changes and new trends, allowing us to provide even more accurate valuations. In 2019, Luxury Places is collaborating with UBS on the luxury section of the annual "UBS Real Estate Focus". Many private banks use our services to calculate the value of their assets.


Savills World Research

Thorough research and analysis of global property market trends, leading market predictions and commentary from the Savills group’s specialist research teams help us to provide you with effective advice and help you make the right property decisions.

Luxury Places collaborates closely with the Savills group and benefits from their sophisticated analytical methods.

Our valuations are accompanied by a "Sales Strategy" section, allowing you to analyse and understand the prices shown, their movements and ultimately the actual sale prices of properties similar to yours.