Luxury properties across Switzerland

Luxury Places SA is a Swiss company, with offices in Geneva and in Lausanne, specializing in charming and luxury real estate in Switzerland and abroad. We are organized in three business lines:

Luxury Places, prestige properties on Lake Geneva and in the Alps
LP Holiday Rentals, Chalets, houses and apartments for rent in Switzerland and abroad
International Showcase, residential or investment realties abroad
We provide unrivalled quality for more than 15 years
Luxury Places specializes in buying, selling and promoting exceptional properties and does not deal with anything outside this very specific segment. We can thus guarantee vendors a perfect positioning for their property, while buyers are only shown properties in keeping with their search criteria.

Luxury Places works exclusively with local and international clients, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), looking to acquire a main residence or a holiday home. We propose a large selection around 200 luxury properties in the region. Our clients are highly exceptional and so are the properties we sell, each treated individually so as to guarantee vendors and buyers maximum service with minimum inconvenience.
Since 2019, we have offered our clients a range of seasonal rentals of high-end residential properties. Having established a presence in the main Swiss and French ski resorts, we’re already working on new destinations very soon.

We want to be even closer to our customers and understand their expectations and desires more precisely, thus helping us to provide even more efficient transaction services.

International Showcase offers the best in terms of properties abroad through our network of partners.
Real estate agents
Luxury properties
CHF 5'500'000
Sale price per transaction
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Luxury Places is your ideal partner to make your real estate dreams come true

How can Luxury Places help you acquire real estate as a foreigner?


Acquiring a luxury property in Switzerland as an international buyer often proves complicated due to strict regulations. Without specialized assistance, navigating through these complexities can be challenging. This is where Luxury Places comes in, providing invaluable expertise for your purchase journey.


Recognized Expertise

Since 2006, Luxury Places has established itself as a reference in the sale of luxury real estate on the Lake Geneva arc and the Alps, with over 200 high-end properties in direct mandate. Facilitating sales typically ranging between CHF 5,000,000 and CHF 30,000,000, we contribute to several of the region's most significant transactions each year and are a key player for properties exceeding CHF 10,000,000.

Our brokers possess in-depth knowledge of the Swiss market, current trends, local regulations, and regional specifics. This expertise allows us to guide you effectively and help you find properties perfectly suited to your needs and preferences.


Extensive Professional Network

Our brokers benefit from a vast network of local contacts, including specialized lawyers, renowned architects, notaries, and various real estate experts. This network is crucial for facilitating transactions and connecting you to the best resources at every stage of the process.


Personalized Service

By collaborating with Luxury Places, you receive personalized and attentive service. Thanks to our brokers' tailored approach, you enjoy peace of mind throughout your acquisition journey.


Luxury Places, the Key to Your Success

Choosing Luxury Places maximizes your chances of success and helps you achieve your real estate ambitions in Switzerland with confidence and ease. We ensure that every aspect of your purchase is perfectly managed, from understanding local laws to finalizing your transaction.

We are your essential partner for a successful real estate investment.


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How to invest in real estate in Switzerland as a foreigner?


Switzerland, with its high quality of life, stability, and good security, as well as its favorable tax system, attracts many foreigners wishing to purchase real estate.


However, the acquisition of residential properties by foreigners in Switzerland is strictly regulated by the Federal Law on the Acquisition of Real Estate by Persons Abroad (LFAIE), commonly known as "Lex Koller" or "Lex Friedrich." This law aims to limit the purchase of housing by foreigners to prevent speculation and protect the real estate market for local residents.

Additionally, the "Lex Weber" law aims to regulate the construction of secondary residences in tourist areas, thus reducing real estate pressure and preserving the natural environment and quality of life in these regions.

This legislation can seem daunting at first, but by choosing to be accompanied by our experts, you benefit from unparalleled expertise and personalized support. Luxury Places turns potential obstacles into opportunities, providing you with peace of mind and complete confidence in your real estate investments.


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