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Meet the team! We are all experts in our field. With different professional backgrounds such as consulting, finance, events, relocation or real estate development, we also all have a solid experience of real estate transactions to assist you in the sale of your property or in your research. All this with an exceptional customer service.

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Since its creation in 2006, Luxury Places has developed an unrivalled profolio of luxury properties on the Lake Geneva and Alps. The experience of our agents guarantees you an optimal showcase for your property, our marketing provides the most effective visibility. Our expertise allows any buyer to benefit from the best offer and the best advice, making your research a unique experience.

For confidentiality reasons, 30 to 40% of our properties are not listed on this website. Please call us for more information.


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Inflation: Implications for Real Estate

Inflation: Implications for Real Estate

December 2021
The relationship between real estate and inflation is more nuanced than conventional wisdom suggests
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The battle for tomorrow’s talent

Kelcie Sellers
Analyst, Savills World Research
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